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 This Week's Tokyo Hashes: Times and Locations!!  The run list is also available for Imode.

 NOTE TO TH3 HARES:  Printout and bring this TH3 Sign In Sheet to your run and return with leftover Cash to Hash Cash, Cumming Round The Corner.
New for the TH3: Hares do not pay hash cash for the run!! All the more reason to sign up as a hare and give our hare razor a break.

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Sorry for being in English, but since we can't get anyone to update the information in Japanese, the Japanese pages have been removed.

All Tokyo hashes are open to people of all sexes and persuasions.  After all Tokyo has the most enlightened Mayor in Japan who is sure all of the Foreigners will riot and commit crimes when the BIG one hits.

Mondays: Tokyo Hash House Harriers -- (The Original Tokyo Hash). Over 1800 runs served, some with fries. The world's most expensive hash, with Tokyo's most experienced Hashers. 

Wednesdays: Tokyo Ladies Hash House Harriettes (Mixed Hash). Over 1300 runs, with an out there N.Z. GM.

Fridays:  Finally Friday Fukov Hash (Where Everybody Fuxoff and Fukinov is an Art). Floundered by Old Sock on July 9, 2004. Run starts at 19:30 SHARP! Do they really expect Tokyo hashers to be ON Time, they R barely On Trail? 1000 Yen. No ON ON. Drink until Hash Cash is Gone!

Saturdays: Samurai Hash. (Tokyo's largest Hash). Junk food here just like they make back home, except staler.

Sundays:Sumo Hash. A resurrected Kamakaze hash with a new more PC correct name in January 2002.. (Well the former Yokozuna, Akebono does live there, so maybe he had a real reason). Located near Yokota Airbase and refounded by the renouned Hazukashii. Almost every Sunday at 2PM.

Other hashes around the Tokyo area:

  1. Rising Moon Hash: This hash meets on the Sunday nearest the full moon, usually at about 3 o'clock. The locale is often a bit further out from the center of Tokyo than on the weekday Hashes. A->B runs, live hares, and overnighters are not uncommon.
  2. Kanto Katch the Hare HHH : This hash meets on a random Sunday at 11 AM of each month or a Japanese National Holiday. The hare is live, chosen at random from the starting pack. If the hare is snared, the snarer is the new hare.
  3. Tokyo Tuesday Thursday Holiday Hash House Harriers:The T3H4 only runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays which are holidays. Since the run is on a holiday, the hare usually tries to make a special event.
  4. Square Hash: No circle hence a "square" hash. Runs are about twice a month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Runs usually include a Sento (public bath) after the run, and then drinking thereafter.
  5. Samurai Family Hash This usually meets on the Third Sunday of each month. Kids of various ages set the trail and lead the pack. A low key fun hash, see the latest snaps!
  6. Ibaraki Hash House HarriersBest way to get to Tsukuba is by Bus.  At least you see the Asahi golden turd on the way.  Runs have "Themes", didn't they have enough of themes in School?

If you are leaving town, use

Hashing around the world  or Hashing around Kansai and Japan or Kobe HHH or Kinky Fully Mooned HHH!

means you don't leave home without a hash.

To get on the weekly email Hash trash, email to Snow White  with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

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